Glow Philosophy

What's My Glow Philosophy?

Glow Philosophy - who are we and what do we stand for?

Courage, clarity, kindness and a kick-ass get outta bed and get going attitude!

Our Values

As the world gets busier, and the demand for products grows it's almost impossible to maintain an ethical stance in any industry.  

Which is why at Glow Philosophy, part of our driving force is to maintain a small but focussed collection of products for women over 40 living with dry skin. This way we can stay true to our core values. Which are:

Clean Beauty for us means that the majority of the product must be made with ingredients that are bio-compatible and don't cause irritation. Unfortunately as we grow older our skin becomes more fragile and so we look to use formulate our products with oils only.  Because the introduction of water into a product, means lots of harsh chemicals to preserve it.  

And because we are not using lots of preservatives we produce in small batches to keep things fresh. It also means our products are ethically produced.  Not only because we ourselves don't buy into slave labour, but we can use small suppliers who trace to ethical and/or organic farms.   

Our Background.

I know from a lifetime of bombarding my face with a cabinet full of products that skin HATES to be messed with.  It has it's only natural rhythm and just prefers to be left to it.  

But on top of that, there are far too many things to do in the day than worry about complicated skincare. 

I've been making and evolving products for myself since 2007 because it cleared up my skin and kept it clear.  The change was so dramatic that I will never use products unless they are clean.  

I never thought in a million years this would become my calling.  I spent 20 years in technology and now after a massive change, I'm a busy mum living in France who is heading towards 50 with the most common sign of skin aging.  Dryness.

It's become my obsession understanding the real facts behind dry skin and how to heal it.  And the journey throws up some interesting info, but honestly, I'm never going to drink a bucket of water every single day, I'm never going to give up  a glass of Rosé and I'm also probably going to forget to reapply my SPF every 2 hours as I should.  

And I can't change the fact that I spent over 3 decades scrubbing and buffing my skin, jumping from one skincare brand to the next in hope of that holy grail - perfect skin!  And I'm here to tell you. It doesn't exist!  

But what does exist is great skin, and the freedom not to worry about it.  

I now realize it's a self-deprecating exercise to try and look ten years younger each time a birthday rolls around. It's ok to look after yourself with good skincare, but putting anti-aging at the top of our list.... it doesn't do us any favours.   

So I got real.  Aging is not a sin. I'm 48, I have wrinkles, my neck is starting to sag, my eyelids are falling a bit and ya know what?  I'm ok with that.  I no longer feel the need to have conversations about 'oh this is sagging' or 'I wish my lips were fuller', because I know I will still be the same person in the morning with the same problems. 

That's my Philosophy.  What's yours?