Glow Philosophy

Glow Loyalty Club

Welcome to the Glow Philosophy Loyalty Club.  

What is it?  The Glow Loyalty Club is a simple. Every time you make a purchase either one off or through a recurring subscription, you get awarded points which you can redeem for cash at the checkout!  

Note: if you return a product for a refund, you will lose those points.

How does it work?  You will be rewarded points each time you make a purchase, share a post of signup.   

What do I get?  Here is a table of our points and rewards. You can also find these on the Loyalty App.  Just click View Rewards.  

Purchases = 1 point per £1 spent. 

Facebook share = 10 points. 

Sign up = 50 points. 

Refer a Friend = 75 points. *conditions apply read below.

Gold Tier = 600 points. *conditions apply read below.

Redeeming Points?  You will know when you have points to redeem because they will show up on the Loyalty App whenever you login to your Glow Account. If you haven't created an account, then do that now.

To redeem your points, you need to logon to your account, check how much you have, then select the Claim button in the Redeem tab.  You will be given a unique one time use only coupon code, that you must enter into the discount code field at the checkout.  The code must be used within the next few hours to be valid, so don't claim it until you are ready to spend. 

If you lose your code, please get in touch so we can reissue your claim.  

Can I get back dated points? If you have purchased with us before but not signed up to an account, drop us a line via our Contact Form below using the same email you have signed up with. Be sure to copy in these words 'Back date my points pls'.  As a goodwill gesture we will happily backdate your points for the previous purchase. 

Where do I sign up?  If you go online to our shop you will see in the menu bar and account icon. Click on this to Register and we will take care of the rest.

What is a Gold Member?  Spend £800 in 365 days and you will enter the Gold Tier and be awarded an amazing 600 additional points, which you can then claim for cash at the checkout.  Just don't forget to claim them through your account.  

Refer a Friend.  If you refer a friend via the Loyalty Program App that appears when you are on our site you receive 75 points. Plus your friend gets 10% off.  Click on the Menu and select Referral.  follow the instructions online and we will take care of the rest. In order for you to redeem your points, your friend has to make a purchase (and not return it). We will then apply your points 28 days after their purchase date. 

Got any other questions we haven't answered here?  Send us a not via the Contact Form below and we'll get back to you with all the information. 

love, light and glow.  xx