Glow Philosophy


You should start by using this at night before bedtime.

But you should also start by putting away all other serums and creams because you don't need them! This is a moisturizer and an active serum in one bottle.   

Remove all your make-up (gently gently gently does it). Press out one full pump and warm it up between your fingertips and PRESS into your face and repeat with a second pump into your neck. 

Use a pressing action with your fingertips at first, then upward strokes until it is evenly and feels smoothed out.  

Pat the rest of it on your chest.  Wait for 10 to 15 minutes then off to bed. 

Do not use any other product.  This is the only thing you need. 

Every night, don't miss one! 

My guess is, after a week of using this, you will want to use it during the day too.  Go for it!  Just don't forget your SPF (BB cream or Sunscreen as you wish).