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Glow Philosophys 14-Day Challenge


So happy you found us. 

If you have dry skin and are at a loss on how to tackle it, you're in the right place. To introduce you to this wonderful product we are offering 50 gorgeous ladies the chance to experience our Marine Extracts Daily Serum for 14 days.  We call it the 14-day challenge. 

So what's the challenge? 

You will be sent a 15mls bottle of our Marine Extracts Daily Serum to use for 14 days.  What we are doing is buying the bottle for you which is worth £29.99. All you need to do is pay £5.99 for the postage.  Yes, our friends at the postal service still need to be paid!  

Then you start using it night and day until the bottle is empty. 

BUT here's the thing. You need to use the whole bottle.  Not just a bit here and there.  If you are only going to dip your toe in the water, there is no point to taking on this challenge.  To see how powerful this product is, not just for your skin but for your life, you need to go all in.  

For the time you use this product, you will remove all other skin care products from your routine, with the exception of your normal cleanser, then apply your Marine Extract Daily Serum. That's it.  Every morning and every night. 

Now every skin is different, some may use the whole bottle in 10 days, some of you may use it in 16. It depends on how dry your skin is. The key here is to use it. Without fail, every day. 

We also ask at the end of the challenge, if you LOVE our product that you write us up a lovely review to help other ladies who are in the need of a dry skin solution. 

To be in it, fill in your details below and write the words:   I'm ready to take on the 14-day challenge

We will send out the link mid June 2019, and the first 50 ladies (or blokes) to put their order through are in.  

love, light & glow

the Glow Team x