Glow Philosophy

Welcome to Glow Club

What is Glow Club?   Glow Club is a fantastic chance to get your orders automatically delivered to your door every month without lifting a finger.  Never run out of Glow again!  You'll get a massive 15% discount off, plus you'll get access to pre-order new products & offers BEFORE they hit the website. Especially handy at Christmas time when stocks will be limited. 

How does it work?  Super easy.  All you do is select the subscription option at checkout and specify the delivery interval of 1 to 6 weeks.  You will provide your personal information and payment details, after which you will be added to the secure subscription server.   At each interval, your card will be direct debited and your products automatically sent.  That's it. 

Is there a minimum and can I cancel it?  Yes.  You may cancel at any time before the processing date.  No questions. You will also have 48 hours to change you mind when you first sign up.  You can cancel your subscription from your Manage Subscription account page without issue. 

How will I know the processing date?  Super easy.  A few days before your order is to be sent, you will receive a reminder email. This is your last chance before the direct debit is processed to cancel your subscription. Once this date is past, we can reverse your transaction but it will incur a fee of £7.

Can I add/remove products to my subscription at a later date as they are released?  Yes. Definately. You can change your subscriptions at any time. To add, simply click on the subscription option when you first buy a new product. To cancel, you get in touch with us and we will remove your product as required. 

Are my details safe?  Yes completely.  Glow Philosophy uses world-class 3rd party software which meets all European GDPR and Financial security regulations.  All data is stored on secured server infrastructure and transmitted using the latest encryption algorithms.  The supplier is name Stripe and is used by the likes of John Lewis and Amazon.  At no time does Glow Philosophy see your card details or store any data related to payments on our databases.  

How do I sign up?  Great - that bit is easy.  At the checkout you will see a couple of different options.  One time purchase or a subscription. Simply select the service you wish then complete the screen details as requested. You will then be directed to a special checkout where an account will be created for you.  

Once the account is created, you will get an email confirming your details. This account will allow you to manage your subscriptions moving forward.   

 Can I use my Subscription with other discounts?  Unfortunately no, we cannot support the combining of discounts.  Our discounts are very rarely offered unless we launch a new product and in this event we promise never to surpass the club discount.  If for any reason we decide to have a snap-sale with a higher discount on your subscribe products we will look to compensate you the difference.

Anything I haven't included?  Drop us a line using our Contact form. 

Love, light and glow. xx