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Why We Only Make Oil Based Products.

Turn over and look at the ingredients on the back of any skin cream, gel or serum product and Aqua is probably the first thing you will see.  Aqua is the nomenclature or technical name for water.  To make a lotion or cream requires a large amount of distilled water, generally around 60%, and a small amount of oil that is emulsified with specific synthetics to bind the molecules together.  That's because oil and water don't mix.  

The minute water is used in a cosmetic preparation, synthetics MUST be introduced in order to preserve the formulation, because harmful bacteria grow in the presence of water and temperature.  Without these chemicals, you would get very, very ill.  

The chemicals used to preserve and stablise emulsified products are very powerful as they have to battle against a myriad of different types of bacteria, mould and yeast under different storage conditions. For at least 12 months.  Which is fine for the product, but for some of us these chemicals cause reactions and sensitivities especially with a leave on product. 

Knowing this you should be very wary of clever marketing designed to make you think you are buying a natural product. If it has water in it, you are not.  

You should also be wary of marketing hype that says 'no parabens' or 'sulfate free'.  It doesn't mean the product is synthetic free, if that is your main concern.  You should look for products that do not contain the word Aqua in the ingredients list. Oh and don't assume everything you read on the back of the label is a chemical just because of a complicated name.  These are the INCI names that follow scientific naming standards. Tocopherol for example is Vitamin E. 

When it comes to water based products, I personally went through a long, heart-breaking and painful journey with bad skin only to discover in my mid 30s it was my daily moisturiser that was causing the issue.  As soon as I switched to oil based skincare, my skin cleared up. 

This is when I discovered that skin, especially dry and/or sensitive skin, responds better to simple, clean oil-based products.  There are some pretty big misconceptions about oil making your skin greasy.  If you believe that, then pop along to Skin School and get the low-down on why oil isn't as bad as you think it is.  

So this is the reason why our products are all oil based. No water. No harsh chemicals.  

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Otherwise, love light & glow. 

Nadeen.  xx