Glow Philosophy

Your Questions Answered

Here you will find the answers to the most common questions we have received to date. But if you don't find it here, get in touch via our contact form! 

What's in it? 

This serum is made with a proprietary blend of cold pressed vegetable oils, essential oils and most importantly, marine extracts.  You can find a full list of these ingredients in the shop.  I specifically blended these oils to provide a powerhouse of nourishment and balance to help your dry skin feel better.  

The most prominent of all these is Chia Seed Oil. Did you know the word Chia is an old mayan word that means strength?  Because that's what this wonderful oil does!  But the list doesn't stop there, the most important of all that is in here, and there's a lot, is marine algae extract.  Huge benefits to repairing dry skin. HUGE!  

Plus you've got avocado oil, marula oil, castor oil (man if this stuff isn't fantastic for dry skin!), barberry fig (that's a cactus), rose, geranium, frankincense and neroli oils PLUS spilanthes acmella.  

How long does it take to work? 

Everyone is different. Your skin is directly linked to the balance within your body. If you use this product every night for 2 weeks, you should start to notice a difference in how your skin feels.  This serum is designed to help your skin feel comfortable and relax back into its own natural rhythm.  If you are looking for miraculous fast anti-aging results, I'm sorry this is not the company for you. :) 

Where do I buy it?

Your serum is available to buy online here on our website. We are not currently stocking in retail outlets. 

Do you make any other products?

No.  We make one product that replaces your moisturiser and active serum. Because it's simple and it works.  .  

Why is the price so high? 

We believe in 100% natural skin care.  And the higher the level of natural ingredients, the higher the cost.  The vast majority of lower-priced serums and lotions contain high amounts of water, making them exceptionally cheaper to manufacture.  Because they contain water, they also contain synthetics to preserve them.  Using harsh synthetics on our skin is not part of our philosophy and so we chose to supply a beautiful quality product.  

What about delivery? 

If you live in the UK and France, your delivery is included.  

If you live in Ireland, the US or Australia a postage and handling fee will be charged.  This is because we are posting the product from the UK and the costs are not viable.  When there are sufficient sales within these countries, we will look for distribution points making it more viable to include shipping in your purchase. 

Why do you sell only in the UK and France? 

The EU requires that we provide all packaging, labeling and marketing materials including the website in the local language.  As we are a very small company who has decided to grow our brand organically, we are unable to meet the demands all at the same time.      

Do you have any advice for my skin? 

Great question!  We have lots. Our blog is lovingly called Skin School for this reason.  We hope to provide lots of fun facts that scratch a little more below the surface of what is really going on with dry skin. Along with other interesting info on the products, the benefits of Marine Algae and just dry skin life in general. 

We also want to make sure you get information on the best cleanser for dry skin or the best BB cream for dry skin etc etc.  So look out for this in Skin School too! 

We are always here at the end of an email letschat@myglowphilosophy but if you are looking for advice on medical conditions I'm afraid that's a bit out of our sphere.  Best chat with a dermatologist on that one. 

What is your returns policy? 

Our refund/returns policy is available from a link in the footer of this document. 

What are allergens? 

The EU has a list of 26 allergens present in fragrance and essential oils, requiring all manufacturers to list them on the labels.